New England Science Public - Biology New England South (NESP-BioNES) is a growing networking initiative among research universities and colleges in New England that hosts a yearly event with professors and students involved in comprehensive graduate/undergraduate research programs.

In 2012 New England Science Public (NESP) assimilated Biology New England South (BioNES), to oversee the coordination, promotion and communication of multidisciplinary scientific research to public audiences.

NESP and BioNES work across campuses to outreach the communities and disseminate correct interpretation of science. NE-Science Public will sponsor simultaneous events across institutions to celebrate iconic scientific achievements, their relevance and value in modern society.

Since 2006, BioNES has reached 15 universities/colleges and affiliated institutions, 1475 participants (80% students), 63/50 faculty/student speakers, and exhibited 264 posters (cumulative numbers). BioNES keynote speakers include: Dr. Virginia Edgcomb, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, emphasized how unexplored are the microbial communities in extreme environments, particularly eukaryotes (2013); Dr. Michael Berkman, The Pennsylvania State University, examined Evolution, Creationism, and the Battle to Control America’s Classrooms (2011), Dr. Johann Peter Gogarten, University of Connecticut, discussed Darwin’s ‘coral-of- life’ intertwined with horizontal gene transfer (2010); Dr. Arkhat Abzhanov, Harvard University, highlighted how Darwin's Finches provide insights on the origin of vertebrate diversity (2009).  See reports and programs below.

Sponsors: Roger Williams University (RWU), New England Science Public and the New England Center for the Public Understanding of Science at RWU, International Society of Protistologists (ISoP), Brown University, University of Rhode Island, Providence College, Salve Regina University, Rhode Island College, Bryant University, Rhode Island IDeA Network for Excellence (INBRE), Rhode Island Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), Sea Education Association (SEA)

Organizers: Guillermo Paz-y-Miño C. PhD, Director NESP (coordination); Avelina Espinosa PhD, Roger Williams University (host)                                       

Annual meeting reports

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