Lauren Salerno Biochemistry of AdhE anaerobic enzymes

Graduate May 2012 Biology, Chemistry & Spanish Major; Biotechnology Certificate

Current position: Biotechnology technician, Amgen, RI


Andrew Mitchell: Inhibition of EhADH2

American Society for Microbiology URF Fellowship Summer 2012

Honors Senior Thesis RWU, PhD student Penn State University


Kate Higgins Cell Biology and behavior of Entamoeba invadens IP-1 and VK-1:NS

Graduate B.S. Biology December 2011

Current Position: University of Emergency Medicine

Clinical Data Assistant Scribe


Laura-Ashley Przondo: B.S. Biology May 2011

MD student Ross University School of Medicine

Monichan Phay: B. S. Biology, B.A. Chemistry, Certificate in Biotechnology May 2011

PhD Student University of Delaware

Kate Higgins: B.S. Biology December 2011

Mark O’Brien, B. S. Biology May 2012

RI radioactive plant technician

Dr. Avelina Espinosa

Coordinator Certificate Biotechnology

Molecular Microbiology

Anaerobic metabolism

Entamoeba evolution

Prior Research students:

Current Research students:

Layla Ferland BS Biology/Chemistry 2014

Kevin Franca-Schindelwig BS Biology 2014

Steve McDonough BS Biology 2016

Ian Powers BS Biology 2013, MS Nursing

Hannah Sobon BS Biology, 2014; Research Dana Farber Boston MA

George Perdrizet 2008

PhD Biochemistry, Postdoctoral Fellow

Barbara Mann

BS Biology 2010

PhD Student

UMASS Amherst


Joshua Leitao: Biochemical & structural characterization of alcohol / aldehyde dehydrogenases (ADHE) enzymes in Entamoeba varieties using site directed mutagenesis

American Society for Microbiology URF Fellowship 2015

NESP-BioNES-ISOP 2014 Best Protist Presentation

ASBMB 2014 Student Travel Award

Meagan Hackey: Entamoeba behavioral signaling, aggregation for survival & role in pathogenesis;

EPSCoR 2015: Entamoeba spp as Models of Environmental Stresses in Marine and Freshwater Protists

Alex Tight: INBRE 2015 Inhibitory Effects of Substituted Pyrazoline Derivatives on Entamoeba histolytica

Katie Lowere: INBRE 2015 Structure and function of a

Clostridium difficile ADHE enzyme and comparison

with the homologue EhADH2

Hien Ngo: INBRE 2015 Inhibitory Effects of Substituted

Pyrazoline Derivatives on Entamoeba histolytica