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Welcome to the Timpson Research Group


Research Synopsis:


The research in our group focuses on the synthesis and characterization of novel inorganic transition metal complexes.  Primarily, we are interested in octahedral, d-6 metal complexes of ruthenium and/or osmium.  Our goal is to synthesize complexes that exhibit well-defined geometries for possible incorporation into molecular electronic devices and/or liquid-based photovoltaics.

Much of the chemistry we pursue is based upon the complexes trans-[Ru(pyridine)4(L)(Cl)]+ or on trans-[Ru(dppm)2(L)Cl]+.  By changing "L", we can change the photochemical and electrochemical properties of the resulting complex.  We are also interested in the reactivity of the complexes we prepare and have a number of studies underway to investigate the possibility of replacing the halide with a wide array of other possible ligands.      

We are also are beginning to become interested in the synthesis and utilization of ruthenium and europium complexes as fluorescent probes for the detection and analysis of DNA. 


And finally, in a productive collaboration with the Jones Group at SUNY Binghamton, we are synthesizing molecules for studies aimed at enhancing the sheet conductivity of conducting polymers.  This is an exciting area of research which bridges basic chemical research and material science. 




               Ruthenium Rocks!