Call for contributions to an edited volume

"Learner-Centered Teaching Activities for Environmental and Sustainability Studies"



A collection of engaging, effective pedagogy for college and advanced high school courses to be published by Springer in late 2015

Edited by Loren Byrne, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI, USA

Instructors are invited to submit descriptions of their novel, easy-to-implement, and engaging in-class activities for consideration and peer-review.


What kind of teaching activities are appropriate for this volume?     These kinds.

(Note: traditional laboratory, field, and extended projects are outside the scope of this volume.)

Which topics will the volume include?    Possibilities include the ones listed here.

What will chapters look like?    Like these about worldviews and conservation triage. 

Why "learner-centered teaching"?     See here.

For more context, further description of this book project is provided here.  


Interested authors are encouraged to contact the editor with ideas to obtain a "green light" and initial feedback before preparing a submission.

Send all inquiries and contributions to: lbyrne"at"

To prepare a chapter, please use this template.

To be considered for publication, contributions must be submitted by January 20, 2015. Note: Authors are encouraged to submit ideas and final drafts as soon as possible. If more contributions are submitted than can be reviewed or published, submission dates will, in part, be used to determine the ones that will be considered further. 


About the review and acceptance process:

  • The editor will provide an initial "quality control" review to ensure each manuscript is appropriate for inclusion in the volume and ready for further review.

  • Submissions will undergo a one-stage double-blind peer-review process.

  • Contributing authors will be required to serve as peer-reviewers of other submissions.

  • The editor will work with authors to finalize the chapters, ensuring coherence and stylistic consistency across them.

  • Authors of accepted chapters will be required to sign Springer's "Consent to Publish" agreement.

  • Note that it is possible that some appropriate and favorably peer-reviewed submissions may not be accepted for publication in the final volume. In the situation that space limitations preclude inclusion of all reviewed submissions, final decisions will be at the editor's discretion based on relative quality of the submissions, inclusion of topical breadth in the volume, original and/or revision submission dates, and other criteria as needed. Depending on the number of them, contributions that cannot be included in the final volume may be informally published online or considered for a second volume.


A limited number of copies of the final printed book will be available to give to corresponding authors. These will be allocated in order of the date that final manuscripts are received (i.e., "first submit, first serve").

Authors will receive a 33.3% discount on Springer books upon publication of this volume.




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