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I was on sabbatical Spring 2010 at  Le Institut de Recherche en Communications et en Cybernétique de Nantes as a visiting professor in the European Master on Advanced RObotics (EMARO).  We documented our India trip on our trip blog: Stein Family Trip

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Research Activities

We are currently developing a mobile robot to act as an avatar for a prospective distance education student to take the Mechanics of Materials lab remotely. Two master's theses have been produced relative to this project:

Summer 2012: Advance Modeling of a Skid-Steering Mobile Robot for Remote Telepresence by Stefano Mafrica. Stefano is a student at the University of Genoa who came to RWU to work as part of a student exchange agreement. Mariella Buttaci also participated in this program but her thesis is as of yet unpublished.

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