Swedish Flag

Swedish Currency

The Krona is the basic unit of currency in Sweden. Coins can be 10 kronor, 5 kronor, 1 krona or 50 öre. 50 öre is half a krona. You need about 7.38 Swedish kronor ("crowns") to equal a US dollar! This is called the exchange rate and it changes often. To learn more about exchange rate, go to http://www.x-rates.com/.

Bills are paper money. They can be worth 1000 kronor, 500 kronor, 50 kronor or 20 kronor.
Here are some pictures of Swedish bills. See if you can figure out how much each one is worth in US dollars!

Click here for Ingemar's coin site, which is all about Swedish coins - http://w1.822.telia.com/~u82204709/mynttyper_eng.htm.

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